The Geneva Writers’ Group holds regular writing workshops online, and in person, from September through June. We have a great line up for the 2023-2024 season including zoom and in-person workshops in central Geneva, open mic nights and a couple of holiday socials. They are all advertized here in our events section, on the GWG Facebook page, and in our monthly newsletter. In the meantime, check out Scribbles with GWG below, which is a new monthly meet up for members that kicked off in September.

Small writing groups

Small critique groups offer writers the benefit of regular feedback from fellow writers. The groups provide a more long-term writing community where writers can establish achievable goals for themselves. 

By creating fellowship and friendships on the writing journey, disappointments and successes alike are shared. Groups generally consist of 6-8 members and meet once a month in whichever is the most convenient location for the most members involved.  

Critiquing groups are run independently by their members, but the GWG can help connect you to existing groups in and around Geneva that are open to new members, or to other writers looking to form a new group.

Contact us at for more information. 

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