March 5, 2017



OFFSHOOTS 14—Writing from Geneva

The editorial team of Offshoots 14 is pleased to announce final selections of powerful poetry, memorable personal essays, and fabulous fiction by 40 writers selected from 86 submissions. Sincere thanks to ALL who sent their best work to us for consideration. We confess—we were humbled by the many ways GWG writers found to address the theme of “Fragile States.” In the end, what moved us most were works with a strong voice, fresh perspective, and sense of focus that held our attention from start to finish.

Our wish for ALL those selected, and for ALL who participated, is a great year of inspired writing ahead. We look forward to sharing the works listed below later this year, enriched by Alistair Scott’s photographs of “The Fragility of Water,” Sue Niewiarowski’s elegant design, and two poems by Wallis Wilde-Menozzi in response to Susan Tiberghien’s Founder’s Invitation. An Editor’s Choice in each genre will also be revealed at the first GWG gathering in September when Offshoots 14 will be “unveiled.” We hope you’ll be there to celebrate with us!

Sincerely, Patti M. Marxsen, Editor-in-Chief

with Jenny Bew Orr & Bashir Sakhawarz


Greenaway, Kristine—Greyhound Tales:
Travelling with Pots, Pans, and Jesus

Harrison, Valerie—Rats, Night and Day

Pecaut, Mary—Blackbird Has Spoken

Ralston, Johanna—The Body Politic

Schroer, Kristen—Assets


Appleseed, Walburga—Calais

Bonner, Roger—Delicate Transport

Breede-Schechter, Christine—Fourteen

Fearns, Catherine—Blandine

Giroud, Tara E.—Edward’s Ending

Krishnamurty, Sunanda—Hidden

Leroy, Thanh-Nu—The Tin Box

Manné, Joy—Lost in the City, a Triptych

Papasokrati, Lida—St. Roman the Melodist

Pitcairn, Mackenzie—Illuminating

Theurer, Laurie—The Follow Through

Thonger, Caroline—Reservoir


Appleseed, Walburga—Well

Baillie, Pamela—Transition

Baumgartner, Leti—The Angry Wind

Bilman, Emily—Dürer’s Melancholy

Boquet, Elizabeth—State of Grace

Cottingham, Jane—If Butter is Rationed

Don, Roschelle—Versailles

Drysdale, Carla—Happiness; Cowboy Boots

Fripp, Marga—Imperfect Clay

Giannini, Kathy—After-Words

Hahne, Adrienne—After Shock

Harmer, Alan—Pineapple Portraits

Ionescu, Sanda—To Love and to Cherish

Iorga, Romana—Small Truths, You Said

Jones, Bill—Lichen

Kaminker, Karin—Microlight Flight

Pham, Lang-Hoan—Unnamed Poem

Ledakis, Christiane—No Second; Who Am I

McDermott, Karen—What wants to be said; toward solstice

Mason, Karen—Reflection of a Weathered House

Rasch, Jo Ann Hansen—Elegy for Pierre Baum’s Orchard

St. John, Peter—Yamma, Yamma, Yamma 

Theurer, Laurie—Plaques and Tangles

Thonger, Vivian—Father’s Day

Wieland, Barbara Turney—The Girl with Turquoise Laughter


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