Offshoots celebrates all forms of writing in English through pieces collected from Members of the Geneva Writers Group.
It builds on the tradition of a published collection of anthologies, Offshoots: Writing from Geneva, which dates back to the early 1990s, is archived in the Swiss National library.

Offshoots is to be shared with friends, family, fellow writers, and agents & editors, as widely and as well as possible!

Some comments from past editions of Offshoots

“Like Ovid on the shores of the Black Sea but envisioning Rome, or Jean Rhys in Paris but recalling the West Indies, writers far from their homes have written about what they have left and lost, what they will never lose, and what they see in new worlds around them. Geneva is rich with such writers, and Offshoots gives us their voices:many-tongued, many-cultured, bearing fresh visions and carrying us far”  - Jane Alison "The Love-Artist" - "The Marriage of the Sea"

“It can be said that all literature is regional. Hardy, Dickens, Faulkner are all regional writers loyal to one place. And Geneva is a place too, albeit one of cross-currents – between home and abroad, regional and international. The stories and poems that make up this collection embody that tension. They have atmosphere as Geneva has atmosphere." - Russell Celyn Jones "Soldiers and
Innocents" - "An Interference of Light"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If my work is accepted for Offshoots, what happens next ?

A: Offshoots editors will need to be in touch with you. Offshoots isn’t just a showcase – it also involves an editorial process which can be a learning curve for writers and editors alike. Editors may propose a few tiny suggestions, or more major revisions. All acceptances are provisional, but work that appears in the published anthology often reflects feedback along the way!

Q: If my work has undergone critiquing by a teacher or my small writing group, can I expect that it will need no further editing ?

A: Having had someone else review your work doesn’t guarantee that further edits will not be sought. Offshoots editors make editorial decisions on the basis of the theme, space, and varied talents with which (and whom!) they work. Any writer not comfortable with the editorial process is free to withdraw his or her work.

Q: What can I expect from once the anthology is published ?

A: You can expect to have fun ! We showcase the work of the writers at different venues, offering reading opportunities and receptions to meet and learn from one another. Offshoots is above all a learning and growth opportunity.

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